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Invigorate and Blossom with Mindful Movement Classes!

Types of Mindful Movement Classes

Group Chair Pilates

Pilates Method

Develop strength, flexibility and coordination with our Pilates classes! Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned athlete, or someone recovering from an injury, our classes have been created to help you reach your fitness goals.
Our group classes cater to an intimate group of 3 - 7 participants, ensuring that you get sufficient personal attention from our instructors during the sessions. Duet or Private classes are also available for those who wish to have more exclusive, personalised experience.




Private Gyrotonic


Come experience the extraordinary GYROTONIC® Method, a 3-dimensional, multi-planar movement approach that invigorates your whole being. This innovative movement technique opens energy pathways, stimulates the nervous system, improves range of motion while building strength and movement efficiency with specialised equipment.

Dive into seamless, flowing GYROTONIC® exercises that guide joints to move through their natural range of motion. Crafted for balance, agility, strength and flexibility, the GYROTONIC® Method helps people from all walks of life, from improving athletic performance to enhancing rehabilitation outcomes.

Group Gyrokinesis


The GYROKINESIS® Method upholds the same principles of GYROTONIC®, but is conducted on a stool and a mat without equipment. You will have to rely more on your body awareness as you explore the rhythmic, flowing and fun movement sequences.

By the end of a GYROKINESIS® session, you can expect to feel openness in your energy pathways, stimulation of your nervous system, increased range of motion and improved functional strength.

Yoga Mats

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