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Types of Integrative Functional Movement Classes

CoreAlign Method


The CoreAlign® improves musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stabilising muscles while working to improve posture, gait, balance, and flexibility.

In addition to rehab, fitness professionals use the CoreAlign® in conditioning with standing, kneeling, planking, deep stretches, and core-controlled aerobic training. World-class athletes call CoreAlign® their “secret weapon” in building agility, endurance and strength for on field performance.



The MOTR® (MOre Than a Roller) is a portable full-body training system. Self-contained within an innovative cylinder that can also be used as a foam roller, the MOTR® delivers whole-body workouts for strength, balance and agility.

Join our MOTR® class and discover how this apparatus challenges your balance and stability in fitness-based as well as Pilates-based exercises.



Ready to hit the barre? Our Barre classes are all about sculpting, toning, and grooving – and you don't need any dance experience to join in the fun! Let's vibe, sweat it out, and get those muscles working together!



Get a strong, flexible, and rock-solid core with our TRX & BOSU classes! Led by awesome trainers, these workouts use suspension training for a full-body blast. All fitness levels welcome – let's crush it together!

Yoga Mats

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